Your Voice Your Message - Leave a LegacyThank you all for your help in getting my newest book out to the market. With the combined effort of so many great friends the book hit #4 as a top seller.

It in fact reached the coveted best seller list in two categories, Marketing and Small business!  Your Voice, Your Message will go on to inspire, assist others around the world.

EVERYONE has a voice and message… What is yours? What gift, experiences, knowledge and expertise do you hold in your hand that others can learn and grow from? This book is your flash light in a dark room that will give you clarity about why you were put on this Earth.  It will lead you into my 3 step process  which is to Discover Your Voice, Design Your Voice and Deploy Your Voice Into your world.

If you would like to pick up your own copy and haven’t had a chance yet, you can Clicking Here and visiting  Some have asked what inspired you to write this book? I’ll have to say it is something that has been stirring on the inside of me for years.

I’ve looked at my own life experience and believed deeply that I had something to give to my world but felt stuck. I also knew that my life probably wasn’t any different from that of many others around me. People have a desire to live intentionally but life has a way of taking you off course and knocking the wind out of you.

Everyone has a voice and gift to give to their world. It is that gift that allows us the opportunity to leave a legacy, that life was “well lived”. The worst thing anyone could do is to go to their grave with their gift buried with them.  If I can simply get people to think more purposely about their life and the legacy they leave behind, I’ve accomplished my mission.

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