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The Law of Recognition #1 – Ideas Are a Dime a Dozen

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The first time I met Joe Sabah was at a seminar that he was teaching. He spoke of an invention he had created as a young child. He remembers the times that he sat in class and watched as other kids went to the teacher’s desk to sharpen their pencils. They would insert the pencil in one end and as they did, they would grab the handle with the other hand and start grinding away. Joe thought, “Wouldn’t it be wonderful if someone could attach some kind of motor apparatus to that sharpener that would make it so that the […]

Finding your Passion – Release your Potential

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. I want to speak to you about unreleased potential. I have a question for you, what would you say is the most expensive property or land in any given city, possibly your town your City where you live. Would it be the centers of commerce and trade would be the where the bank buildings are at where the vaults and money are kept? Could it possibly be in New York City at the Federal Reserve building where it is reported that underneath the building there are the billions and billions of dollars and gold reserves kept there. What would […]
Leave a legacy

Leave a Legacy – Don’t let your gift go to the grave

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Every person has within themselves the seeds of purpose, but it lies dormant until it is activated. Much like the Acorn from the mighty Oak tree that lies dormant until it is placed in the right environment. Contained within the Acorn are the ingredients and DNA for greatness but it must be planted, watered and receive the sunshine it needs in order to be activated. I recently visited a grave yard and came upon the grave stone of an unfortunate girl named Mary Ann. Unfortunately Mary Ann died at the young age of four and never had the opportunity to […]