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Fast-track to a Purposeful Life That Makes a Difference


Imagine… helping others experience breakthrough moments in their personal lives, relationships, dreams and kingdom assignment.

“Lead Others Into Our Incredible 5-Phase System For Having Kingdom Clarity And Making a Difference!

From: Scott Johnson
Littleton, Colorado

Here is what I know for sure, the past two-plus years have been the hardest years we have experienced in a while.

Many lost their jobs, their businesses, and their faith.

And I realize that you are probably really frustrated about what it will take to break the glass ceiling of having all sufficiency in ALL THINGS, to live with MORE THAN ENOUGH so that you can go to the next level.

Chances are you’ve also struggled with the idea that “If I am trusting God, and it is His will, my dreams will be funded and fulfilled in their right timing, why is it such a struggle?”

You might even sometimes wonder if these are indeed God’s dreams or some crazy idea in your head.

Hey, we have been there and know exactly what it feels like. We have prayed for an answer to the question, “WHAT STEPS DO I NEED TO TAKE GOD?

We believe that the reason you are still hanging in there, the reason you are hanging on to your HOPE in God is that you know you have something BIG on the inside of you.

Call it a dream or desire to do something MAGNIFICENT! You have been hard-wired with this desire ever since you were born.

It is part of how God made you!

Did you realize that it is the Father’s GREATEST PLEASURE to watch His children live out His expression on Earth?

His joy is when YOU discover this special gift that is uniquely yours and you begin to live it out. This is YOUR SPECIAL PLACE because of the sense of complete fulfillment and joy you experience as you walk it out on a daily basis.

It’s about …

Discovering, Designing & Deploying Your Kingdom Assignment with Your Own Personal Plan & Making A Living Doing It!

When you have CLARITY about your Kingdom Assignment it gives you CONFIDENCE! Confidence opens doors of favor and opportunity to make a difference in your world. Having clarity about your Kingdom Assignment is knowing and realizing your UNIQUE GIFTING!

Your UNIQUE GIFTING not only gives clues about your assignment and calling but also allows you to see things that no one else sees. You are called to bring heaven to earth! Your assignment is to bring whatever is out of alignment and put it into Kingdom alignment.

This is when value is created and people are served and PROFIT is generated!

Bottomline, YOU ARE CALLED… And you might already know that.

However, you have struggled because of time and financial limitations. 

BUT, Imagine, not having the constraints of LACK on your life and ministry.

Imagine having MORE THAN ENOUGH to pay debts and bills off, that seem to keep piling up and have plenty left over to be a greater blessing to others.

Imagine CREATING wealth that leaves an inheritance for your children’s children.

Better yet imagine NOT struggling to figure out how to do this or having to do this alone.

Introducing the …

Discover, Design & Deploy Your Kingdom Assignment 90-Day Coaching Program

Gain access to a platform and coaching program that would take you by the hand and give you the ability to FAST-TRACK your dreams out of the sandpit of limitation into God’s promise of abundance.

Design your own PERSONAL Blueprint and PLAN that you can deploy within 90 days and begin creating a 6-figure + income doing what you love.

And the best thing about it all is that you are able to serve others from a place of ULTIMATE FULFILLMENT!

AND… You GET TO live a life that truly makes a difference in the lives of people around you.

One more thing…

Imagine the God of the universe looking deeply at you… Not with anger, disappointment, or embarrassment. Instead, He looks squarely at you with love-filled eyes and as He does, He speaks out these words!


“I have redeemed and recovered your potential for My own pleasure.” – God

Discover The Incredible 5-Phase System For Having Kingdom Clarity And Making a Difference!

Turn Your Vision, Dream, Ministry or Business Into a 90-Day Transformational Experience That Will Change Lives!

Here’s What You’ll Experience…

12 Live Training Sessions + Lifetime Access To Their Replays!



  • Discover How To Stop Frustration And Bring Clarity Into Every Area of Your Life.
  • Discover The #1 Thing God is Whispering In Your Ear That Will Transform Your Life Forever.
  • Discover How To Always Win When Facing Your Biggest Challenge.
  • Discover How To Shift Into The Power of Your Kingdom Identity.
  • Discover How To Accelerate Your Results And Put The WOW Factor Back Into Your Life.


  • Learn How To Turn Your Super Powers On And Have an Unfair Advantage!
  • Learn The 4 Keys To Defining God’s Assignment For Your Life.
  • Learn How To Turn Redeemed Pain And Past Experience Into a Story That People Want To Hear
  • Discover Your Kingdom Solution – Your WHO, Your HOW, And Your WHAT




  • Launch Your Digital Product, Book, Workshop, 60-Day, 90-Day Transformation Course
  • Learn How To Launch Your Kingdom Solution To Generate Profit!
  • Tap Into The Secrets of Turning The Invisible Into the Tangible For You And Others Around You.
  • Implement The $20,000 Plan That Creates Financial Freedom!


Worksheets And Outlines Are All Designed To Give Birth To Your Personal Design And Assignment!

BONUS: Additional Lessons Inside of Your Private Members Area.

Launch Your Kingdom Purpose Has Already Helped Many People…

The Question Is, Are YOU Next?

Bonnie Duell
Founder, with husband Dave Duell: Faith Ministries Denver Church, Faith Ministries Network, Duell Ministries
“I recommend this to anyone looking to discover their purpose and blueprint.”

Scott Johnson, a longtime friend, and a prolific writer is a man who desires all to know their specific Kingdom Purpose.

In this latest book, Scott makes the case for discovering your unique gift, your brand, that you will use to serve others; that gift where God and you blend together!

One of my favorite phrases from his book: Genius poured genius into an earthen vessel. Wow! Meditating on that alone will forever change your life.

Find out how to discard false beliefs and mindsets that keep you from experiencing God’s reality for you, your identity as God intended. Discover your purpose and blueprint.

After all, you are made in the image of God. Why not act like this is true?

“Wow! – Scott really nails it . This is a soul-stirring and life-changing message.”
His keen insights into helping you discover and live your life’s mission and purpose is soul-stirring and life-changing. For me as a fellow pastor, Scott nails it when he says, It is to be a life that exemplifies our own personal blueprint on a daily basis.”

As Scott unfolds he and Debra’s journey of discovering their purpose – it lays a path about how you can discover your purpose and then create a blueprint of how to live it out. Interlaced with biblical truths it speaks directly to a great principle – “There is no longer secular and spiritual kingdom living, there is only kingdom living that invades every aspect of our lives.”

If you want to find your purpose (and who doesn’t?) and then build a blueprint to live it out, this book is just what you need. I highly recommend it!

Dean Renfro – Pastor


Go LIVE in a Group Coaching Session Every Week For 12 Weeks.

  • Month 1: Stop Frustration: Discover & Reclaim Your Kingdom Purpose.
  • Month 2: Design Your Kingdom Blueprint And Design.
  • Month 3: Deploy Your Kingdom Assignment For Impact And Influence.

Real-Life Value: $4,500

Individual Personal “Check-In” Chat and Calls That Keep You Centered And Progressing.

  • Accountability Coaching Check-In.
  • Clarity Call That is Meant To Produce Results
  • Personal Help Every Two Weeks.

Real-Life Value: $397

Life-Time Access To Our Online Portal Training System

  • This is Where You Get Access To All 12 Weeks of Recorded Material.
  • A Growing Bonus Lessons Library Stuffed With Resources.
  • Access, Anytime And From Anywhere.

Facebook Community Access

  • Collaborate And Connect With Others.
  • Get Inspired, Be Inspired
  • Never Lost or Left Behind
  • Meet Others Who Understand

Real-Life Value: $697

Ambassador Level Membership – Get Paid As An Affiliate.

  • Certification Training Program
  • Allows You To Approach Small Groups With Presentation
  • Present Your Own Online And Offline Launch Your Kingdom Purpose
  • Earn %25 On All Referrals Who Enter Our Program
  • Attend Special Events (Refer 4 People And You’ve Paid The Cost of Joining.)

Become a Kingdom Purpose Coach – Join Our Vision To Put a Coach In Every Church.

  • This is For Those Who Want To Work More Directly With Our Mission.
  • Everything That Is Included In Ambassador Program
  • You Can Qualify As a Certification Training Program
  • Earn 50% On All Referrals Who Enter Our Program
  • Attend Special Events

Real-Life Value: $997

Online Courses That Will UP Your Inner Game And Mindset.

  • A Video Library Filled With Faith Building Sessions
  • Hours of Content That Will Inspire You With The Good News Message of What Is Yours In Christ.
  • Experience The Power of The Gospel In Your Life.




Optional Opportunity For Those Who Want To Join The Team

You can get paid a Kingdom Ambassador or Choose To Become Certified as a Kingdom Purpose Coach.

Join now and you can qualify to enter into either of these powerful programs. You can get paid while developing your own skills and program.

Real-Life Value: Priceless


Get Started Now…For a One Time Payment of $797

My Commitment To You

It is important that you know that I am committed to your success with our Launch Your Kingdom Purpose Platform!

I want you to walk away with more clarity and confidence than you have ever had in your life, business, and ministry. I want you to not only destroy the giants that have stopped you in the past but to walk fully into your promised land.

You will have a plan in place that is unique only to you and you will be able to make a living doing what you love.

This is why I have a 100% GUARANTEE! If you are not fully satisfied after the first week starting our 90-Day Journey together, you can cancel for any reason, and get a full refund. Simply email us at: support@GraceOnFire.net


3-Pay Option Is Available. Just 3 Installents of $167 Gives You Full Access To This Powerful Program!


Scott Johnson

Founder Grace Empowered Living

Scott is passionate about helping people like yourself discover, develop and deploy their Kingdom purpose.

He is the author of 10 books. Scott along with his wife, Debra has lived and traveled to many nations reaching out to leaders. They have pastored in the U.S. as well as abroad in the Philippines.

Scott serves on Andrew Wommack’s Associated Related Ministries International Network. He is passionate about helping you live your dream life… The best Kingdom Life Possible. This is your opportunity to join him.

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