Do You Feel Like There is a Call On Your Life? Maybe You Know What It Is, or Maybe You Don't... Do You Feel The Urge to Make An Impact In Your World, Culture or Your Family?

This 3-Day Free Transformational Workshop Will...

  • UNLOCK Your Life From What Has Stopped You In The Past.
  • Give You Clarity And Confidence To Step Into Your God-Given Territory.
  • Discover God's Full and Complete Will For Your Life Without Question!
  • Discover and Tap Into the Genius of God In You.
  • Open the Door to God's Favor Through Kingdom Alignment.
  • Discovering Your Difference and Seeing What Others Cannot See.
  • Birthing Kingdom Solutions In Your Zone of Influence.
  • Become a Movement Maker.

From: Scott Johnson
Littleton, Colorado

Here is what I know for sure!

Every person of faith has something BIG on the inside of them. Call it a dream or desire to do something MAGNIFICENT! You have been hard-wired with this desire ever since you were born.

It is part of how God made you!u00a0

It is the Father's GREATEST PLEASURE is to watch His children live out His expression on the Earth.u00a0 His joy is when you discover this special gift that is uniquely yours and begin to live it out. This is YOUR SPECIAL PLACE because of the sense of complete fulfillment and joy you experience as you walk it out on a daily basis.u00a0

"Why We Are Not Seeing Results in Our Lives."

The problem is that this desire get's drowned out by life, obstacles, frustrations, and fears! It isn't long and we lose sight of how life was meant to be lived.

Trama, Divorce, Hurts, and Pain steals from us and robs us of our Kingdom Purpose (How life was meant to be lived). We begin to believe the narrative that we are not "that special" which is completely opposite to how God sees and thinks of us.

The problem is we settle, we compromise. We become convinced that this is what life is supposed to look like. Our Kingdom Identity becomes lost and instead of rediscovering ourselves, we become mesmerized by our current difficulties, culture and world. No one has ever really sat down and given you the full blueprint of your design.u00a0

Imagine the God of the universe looking deeply at you... Not with anger, disappointment, or embarrassment. Instead, He looks squarely at you with love-filled eyes and as He does, He speaks out these words!u00a0


"I have redeemed and recovered your potential for my own pleasure."

Your Kingdom Expression Looks Differently Than Anyone Else In The World.... It is Unique!

Pacific Standard Time:

Thursday & Friday 5-6 pm

Saturday 10 am-11 am

The Kingdom of God Works IN YOU and It Works THROUGH YOU!

You are wired differently and God loves it!

You are His pleasure and He enjoys watching his kids live out their lives from a place of extreme fulfillment. Your difference will look different from any other person on this planet and God loves it!u00a0

You will discover your personal sound as you read through Launch Your Kingdom Purpose. What will it sound like? To be sure, it will open up the door to extreme favor in your life as you discover it and walk through it. This is where you belong and it is your greatest place for impact and influence!

If you are ready to take your life to the next level in 2022...then you simply can't afford to miss this challenge...

Launch Your Kingdom Purpose Has Already Helped Many People...

The Question Is, Are YOU Next?

Bonnie Duell
Founder, with u201clateu201d husband Dave Duell: Faith Ministries Denver Church, Faith Ministries Network, Duell Ministries
"I recommend this to anyone looking to discover their purpose and blueprint."

Scott Johnson, a longtime friend and a prolific writer, is a man who desires all to know their specific Kingdom Purpose.

In this latest book, Scott makes the case for discovering your unique gift, your brand, that you will use to serve others; that gift where u201cGod and you blend together!u201d

One of my favorite phrases from his book: u201cGenius poured genius into an earthen vessel.u201d Wow! Meditating on that alone will forever change your life.

Find out how to discard false beliefs and mindsets that keep you from experiencing Godu2019s reality for you, your identity as God intended. Discover your purpose and blueprint.

After all, you are made in the image of God. Why not act like this is true!

"Wow! - Scott really nails it . This is a soul-stirring and life-changing message."
Dean Renfro
His keen insights into helping you discover and live your life's mission and purpose is soul-stirring and life-changing. For me as a fellow pastor, Scott nails it when he says, It is to be a life that exemplifies our own personal blueprint on a daily basis."

As Scott unfolds he and Debra's journey of discovering their purpose - it lays a path about how you can discover your purpose and then create a blueprint of how to live it out. Interlaced with biblical truths it speaks directly to a great principle - "There is no longer secular and spiritual kingdom living, there is only kingdom living that invades every aspect of our lives."

If you want to find your purpose (and who doesn't?) and then build a blueprint to live it out, this book is just what you need. I highly recommend it!

Who is Scott Johnson?

Scott and Debra Johnson are the founders of Grace On Fire. They have a passion to see the body of Christ move past the obstacles, frustrations, and fears to a more stress-free, fulfilled life.

Through their own struggle and breakthrough, they have discovered the keys to living an unmoveable, unshakeable life and have become passionate about others experiencing this same thing.

Through their books, courses, and ministry we are seeing many people experience breakthrough where it concerns experiencing their own personal Kingdom purpose.