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So, How Do You Get Clarity And Direction

(AKA Your ‘Kingdom Purpose’)

To Rule and Reign In Every Area of Life?

From: Scott Johnson
Littleton, Colorado

I know, I knowu2026

I read the same promises we are given in the Bible as you!

We read and pray for perfect peace, we ask and believe God for our children, our families, our business, finances, and health.

The list is long!

But, there are times when we,

“Are Not Seeing Results in Our Lives.”

As a result, we either double down, more prayer, more Bible study, or more church.


We end up changing our theology and expectations to fit our experience. We tell ourselves,

itu2019s not Godu2019s timing
itu2019s not Godu2019s plan for me
maybe Iu2019m being tested
maybe I need more faith

And Then We WAIT 10, 20, 30 Years…

Hey, Iu2019ve been there. I grew up in church in a home that believed in the power of prayer.

Our family would double down, in their pursuit for answers, yet they struggled in many ways, including financial, broken relationships, and even health. Did they experience answers to prayer and miracles, yes they did but not as a continuous sustainable lifestyle.

Sounds pretty chaotic, doesn’t it?

Is that your story right now? Is that why you’re here?

You might not even be aware of it but for many people, their faith has been reduced to weekly church meetings and not producing real tangible kingdom results?

I want to ask you a very tough question. Have you ever in your adult life as a Christian looked in the mirror and thought…

“You Know, I Thought My Life Would Have Turned Out a Lot Better?”

What if I told you that you can experience greater clarity, direction, and peace, in every area of your life?

My name is Scott Johnson and Iu2019m the author of a brand new book called, Launch Your Kingdom Purpose. Itu2019s the playbook for unlocking kingdom impact and results in your home, your business, your life, and your mission!

As I began to ask the questions, God began to give me the answers about how to experience breakthroughs in every area of my life, not just how to live in the moment by moment presence of the Holy Spirit but how to experience ongoing increase, progression, and movement in my life where it concerned the dreams and desires that were in my heart!

Now, donu2019t get me wrong, I have experienced many miracles, financial jaw-dropping miracles of provision while living on the mission field as well as here in the United Statesu2026.u00a0Iu2019ve seen God work in powerful ways in moments of crisis and answers to prayer in peopleu2019s lives. Undeniable proofs of God showing up.

But, I wasnu2019t satisfied with a faith that only worked when I was about to drown or was in crisis.

Here is the number one thing that happened when I discovered and launched my Kingdom purpose. It eliminated the chaos and gave me clarity and direction in every area of my life.

I also discovered a renewed confidence where it concerned ruling and reigning in life.

It Was Like Discovering a Powerful Compass That Revealed Godu2019s Treasure Map For My Life.

I was also able to experience a more functional lifestyle where I was living powerfully from the inside out rather than being governed by what was happening to me.

And now, I want to bring kingdom breakthrough and clarity of direction to your life so that you can have more impact and influence in any given situation.

I want you to have a copy of this new book and hereu2019s why Iu2019m doing it.

  • Family
  • Business / Entrepreneur
  • Financial Health
  • Mental/Emotional Health
  • Relationships
  • Your Place of Employment
  • Physical Health
  • Peace of Mind, Clarity And Direction

Transition Your Life From Struggle To Impact And Influence

You are wired differently and God loves it! You are His pleasure and He enjoys watching his kids live out their lives from a place of extreme fulfillment. Your difference will look different from any other person on this planet and God loves it!u00a0

You will discover your personal sound as you read through Launch Your Kingdom Purpose. What will it sound like? To be sure, it will open up the door to extreme favor in your life as you discover it and walkthrough. This is where you belong and it is your greatest place for impact and influence!

Bonnie Duell
Founder, with u201clateu201d husband Dave Duell: Faith Ministries Denver Church, Faith Ministries Network, Duell Ministries
“I recommend this to anyone looking to discover their purpose and blueprint.”

Scott Johnson, a longtime friend and a prolific writer, is a man who desires all to know their specific Kingdom Purpose.

In this latest book, Scott makes the case for discovering your unique gift, your brand, that you will use to serve others; that gift where u201cGod and you blend together!u201d

One of my favorite phrases from his book: u201cGenius poured genius into an earthen vessel.u201d Wow! Meditating on that alone will forever change your life.

Find out how to discard false beliefs and mindsets that keep you from experiencing Godu2019s reality for you, your identity as God intended. Discover your purpose and blueprint.

After all, you are made in the image of God. Why not act like this is true!

“Wow! – Scott really nails it . This is a soul-stirring and life-changing message.”
Dean Renfro
His keen insights into helping you discover and live your life’s mission and purpose is soul-stirring and life-changing. For me as a fellow pastor, Scott nails it when he says, It is to be a life that exemplifies our own personal blueprint on a daily basis.”

As Scott unfolds he and Debra’s journey of discovering their purpose – it lays a path about how you can discover your purpose and then create a blueprint of how to live it out. Interlaced with biblical truths it speaks directly to a great principle – “There is no longer secular and spiritual kingdom living, there is only kingdom living that invades every aspect of our lives.”

If you want to find your purpose (and who doesn’t?) and then build a blueprint to live it out, this book is just what you need. I highly recommend it!

As You Can See…

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