Leave a legacyI want you to see your life, business and mission in a way that you possibly have never seen it before. I know that down deep inside of you, you have a desire to make a difference and leave a legacy, I know that I do… And that is why I am reaching out to you.

My new book, YOUR VOICE YOUR MESSAGE launches today.  It will inspire you and give you the tools and knowledge you need to take that next step and leave a legacy.

EVERYONE has a voice and message… What is yours? What gift, experiences, knowledge and expertise do you hold in your hand that others can learn and grow from? This book is your flash light in a dark room that will give you clarity about why you were put on this Earth.  It will lead you into my 3 step process  which is to Discover Your Voice, Design Your Voice and Deploy Your Voice Into your world.

Leave a Legacy Starts Here

I need your help to get this vital message out. This week is LAUNCH Week and well, to be honest it takes a lot of people working together to get a message heard above the noise of the crowd.

Here are six ways you can help us and make a difference

YourVoiceYourMessage #1 Go to www.YourVoiceYourMessage.com and purchase the kindle for .99 cents or the soft cover if you prefer.

#2 Share the above link to your Facebook and Twitter account and make a personal comment.  Personal comments really help because it adds that human side to your postings.

#3 Don’t be afraid to post it again everyday for a week.

#4 Tell somebody and share what we are doing as a group and how they can benefit.

EVERYBODY has a voice, a message, let’s help connect their voice to their message and make a difference in the world.

#5 Who do you know that is a Speaker, coach, consultant, topic expert, a wanna be author. This book is PERFECT for them.

#6 Forward this email to them

CLICK HERE to pick up your copy of the book.